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Cocaine vs Pizza delivery times - help us complete our map - language selection

GDS2018 is now closed. We would like to thank the 160,000+ people from over 50 countries who took part in GDS2018 which was translated into 20 languages. Across Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America, Australasia, the Balkans and the Middle East people gave of their time so generously. How much time did these amazing people spend making GDS2018 the largest drug survey ever conducted? about 80,000 hours or about 3,300 days or about 475 weeks or about 100 months or more than 9 years Pretty amazing! All we can say is thank you so much to every one of them and all our media partners and our international collaborators. GDS would not exist without them and you. We will start analysing the data and preparing reports next week. We expect the global media release of our GDS2018 Key Findings Report to be released in May 2018. As soon as we have a fixed launch date we will let you know. Have a safe, healthy and happy 2018 Thank you Professor Adam R Winstock on behalf of The Global Drug Survey Core Research Team Jan 2018